E-compact G2 Electric Bike
E-compact G2 Electric Bike

E-compact G2 Electric Bike

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Product Information:

  • Our new 2017 E­compact model is perfect model for inner city riders, as well as motorhome, caravan and canal boat owners. Our products also come with a years warranty.
  • Conquer any hill easily in your area with the powerful hub motor and a massive 36v10ah battery, giving you upto 40 miles on one charge! The 2018 model comes equipped with a top of the range Shimano gearing system.

  • Set the level of assistance you require with the 3 different PAS levels fitted to the handlebars.



Motor System:







The 250w motor in our folding electric bikes are perfectly capable of powering you up those tedious hills. It has been manufactured using high grade materials and tested thoroughly to create the perfect motor. It is light-weight and endurable. The motor has been designed to kick in as soon as you start to pedal, and it stops assisting when you either stop pedaling or press the brakes. The law in the UK also states that the motor must stop assisting once the bike has reached 25 km/h.



Battery System:

Our battery suppliers; Phylion, pride themselves in being one of
the most renowned battery manufacturer. Our batteries on this model are a massive 36v10ah Lithium, meaning that only the best is used, this is our ethos. This battery can do upto 40 miles on one charge! Lithium batteries are sustainable and long-lasting, they also take you further every charge. With our electric bicycles, we make those long journeys easy to accomplish and those tedious hills easy to conquer. Buy now and feel the advantages of going electric. The battery can easily be removed from the bike with the key and then can be taken indoors to charge.

PAS Sytem:

The pedal assist system that is fitted to our folding electric bikes is a great device that informs you of your battery levels as well as an on and off button that allows you to turn off the assistance. This PAS system also gives riders the ability to choose how quickly or how slowly their bicycle accelerates.



Ease Of Use:

It has been commented on how easy this electric bicycle is to use and fold. There is a clever catch in the bikes frame that once maneuvered can easily fold the bike immediately. The stem leading to the handle bars also easily folds. It takes just 60 seconds to take the bike from its full standing form to half its size. This feature is perfect for caravan and motor home owners as well as canal boat owners too as it can be neatly folded away without taking up much room at all.


Gearing System: 

The gearing system on our E-compact models ensures that with the assistance of the motor, you can conquer any hill in sight. The 7 speed Shimano gearing system is easy to use, and makes a lot of difference. The lower the gear it is, the easier it is to go uphill. For those long stretches when you are reaching your top speed, the higher the gear you go.  





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E-compact G2 Electric Bike
E-compact G2 Electric Bike
E-compact G2 Electric Bike
E-compact G2 Electric Bike
E-compact G2 Electric Bike